Outlooks: Sunny

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Winner of the 2003 MTAC Composers Today contest, by New Mexico composer Kathleen Ryan. Three lively movements written for intermediate to late intermediate piano players.

Sunny: a wacky waltz, with parallel chromatic scales and shifting rhythms. In this sonata form movement, Primo player has the theme A melody, and Secondo has the theme B melody. At the coda the players have to coordinate a chromatic scale; this may be the trickiest part for the ensemble.

Cloudy: atmospheric; easy to play but challenging to play well and tricky to coordinate between players. Six flats, so reading is challenged at first; however, playing on so many black keys is usually quite comfortable. Cloudy requires finesse! And it rewards players who listen to each other carefully for balance.

Breezy: a happy, high-stepping cakewalk with swing rhythms and a melody that passes between the players. This is the easiest movement of the three, and the partners switch lead and accompaniment on the repeat of the A section, so each player has a chance to shine.

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