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Piano music by Kathleen Ryan now in print. Click on each title for more information and to purchase individual titles.

Verbs: 24 Preludes for Piano Left Hand Alone

Book 1

12 Preludes: Wait, Begin, Crackle, Weave, Fling, Drift, Play, Accuse, Push, Forgive, Zoom, Close.

Book 2

12 Preludes: Beckon, Insist, Murmur, Tease, Tangle, Snap, Shatter, Bloom, Bounce, Reflect, Release, Bless.

Enjoy Keith Snell’s performance of 8 Verbs from Book 2 on our Videos page.

The 2nd edition of Verbs, with all 24 preludes in one book, is now available. Click here to purchase.

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A Sonatina for piano four-hands.

Movements: Sunny, Cloudy, Breezy.

Outlooks is now in print. Click here to purchase.

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